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A Word for Wednesday…What to Ask For

“He gave them what they asked, but sent leanness into their soul” (Ps. 106:15).

It’s that time of year again. Children all over the world are beginning to compose their Christmas wish lists and letters to Santa. With Black Friday approaching they are beginning to feel a sense of urgency, believing Santa’s dollar goes much further when sales are happening. My wife and I try to use it as an opportunity to teach our children the difference between needs and wants, but so far our efforts have not been met with much success. Truth be told, it’s a lesson that many of us are still learning.

One area where this truth is evident is our prayer life, and the kinds of things we ask God for. We ask him for things we think we need, that he knows we do not. Thankfully, he doesn’t always give us what we ask for. The song, “Unanswered Prayers,” by Garth Brooks, comes to mind. It tells the story of happily married man who runs into an old flame at a high school football game. He recalls his many prayers that their relationship would last forever, while realizing, with the benefit of hindsight, and the relationship he now enjoys with his wife, that God knew what he was doing. I can certainly relate to his experience, but there have been plenty of times when God gave me what I asked for, even when it wasn’t the best thing for me.

Psalm 106 recounts the experience of the Israelites as they wandered around in the wilderness after being liberated from captivity in Egypt. The verse above describes the first of many of their moral failures, complaining God’s provision. God gave them what they asked for, knowing it was not what they really needed. It filled their stomachs, but their souls remained hungry, and they suffered on account of it. If you read the entire Psalm you can’t help but notice the irony of the situation; God had already proved himself to them as someone acutely aware of their needs and more than willing to meet them, but they had yet to learn this lesson. It seems, at least in this case, that giving them what they asked for was his attempt to teach them that they could trust him to give them what was best for them, what they truly needed.

This all seems consistent with the prayer Jesus taught us, his disciples, to pray. It urges us to focus very little on material things, instructing us to ask only for the daily sustenance we need to live, while emphasizing our need for our Father’s help with the really important things. Of course, God delights in giving us so much more than we need. He blesses us in so many ways. But modeling our prayers after this one can remind us what God promises to give to all who ask of him, and teach us what really matters.
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