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A Word for Wednesday…Caroling

“How could we sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land?” (Psalm 137:1-4)

This past Sunday a group of us from our church spent the greater part of the afternoon singing Christmas carols to members of our community. The “lucky winners” were not chosen at random, but were all somehow connected to our Church, and, for various reasons, will not likely be able to attend Christmas services. Our goal was to take Christmas to them. We can only hope they were blessed as much as we were.

One of the homes we visited was occupied by a woman struggling through the final stages of Alzheimers and her care-giver, who greeted us warmly as we entered, even joining us as we began to sing. There wasn’t anything unique about this particular stop at first, but slowly, one by one, each person begin to notice the amazing thing that was happening. The woman began to sing along, in time, correctly mouthing each word. During one song in particular, I think it was Joy to the World, a tear even formed in the corner of her eye and rolled slowly down her cheek. Some who noticed were themselves moved to tears at what they were witnessing.

Anyone unfortunate enough to be familiar with this terrible disease will understand how significant this moment was. This is a woman who rarely remembers the names of people she has known all her life, sometimes even failing to recognize them. This is a woman who has lost the ability to put together a complete sentence, or communicate a coherent thought. Yet here she was, remembering and singing the words to these long-forgotten songs and even being moved by their message.

It would have been every bit as amazing for the people of Israel to sing songs about their God while living in captivity in Babylon. Humiliated, exiled from their homes, mourning the loss of loved ones and the destruction of their towns, villages, and their beloved Temple, they did not feel like singing. But their faith in God was greater than their feelings, moving them to sing in spite of their circumstances, believing that one day God would make things right again.

This Christmas Season, you may not feel like singing. Maybe this is your first Christmas since a loved one passed away. Maybe you have recently received some bad news. Maybe you are experiencing something similar to the couple mentioned above; you are watching helplessly as a spouse or a parent vanishes before your eyes. Whatever your situation, you just don’t feel like singing. I pray that you can exercise your faith this holiday season. Believe that the God who came to earth as a little baby over 2,000 years ago is coming again to fix everything about this world that is broken. And sing, believing that one day every word of every song will come true.
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