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[swm_dotline_heading font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”1″ section_id=”” ]The Ministry of Music[/swm_dotline_heading]

Music opportunities for Brick Reformed Church’s adult choir are available.  The choir meets Wednesday to practice they lead the Sunday worship service in song.  All are welcome for this fun fellowship and to sing God’s word.

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[swm_dotline_heading font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”1″ section_id=”” ]Adult Bible Study[/swm_dotline_heading]

All adults are invited to join Bible study in exploring and discussing Biblical texts and their meaning for our lives. Led by Pastor Geoff, the study provides thought-provoking discussion and fellowship.

Meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

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[swm_dotline_heading font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”1″ section_id=”” ]Youth Ministries[/swm_dotline_heading]

Worship is at the core of our community of faith; we are called to love God with our whole selves—hearts, minds, and bodies in response to God’s love for us. We seek to teach the children this faith through a number of different opportunities. Brick Church offers Sunday School, Pastor’s Message during service and Children’s Church during worship.  Children also learn to worship God through summer camps and fun activities such as Trunk or Treat and Christmas plays.

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[swm_dotline_heading font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”1″ section_id=”” ]Women’s Group[/swm_dotline_heading]

The women of Brick Church are the vital backbone of the church.   Their constant dedication to Brick Church and the community keeps them very busy.  The women’s community outreach includes catering for local organizations such as the Lions Club and providing missions opportunities for Allied Churches.  Other events include:

  • Valentine’s Dinner:  Funds raised for Allied Churches and New Fellowship building fund
  • Mother’s Day Luncheon:  For women of the church and community.  A fund event with Food, Entertainment and door prizes.  Canned Food is collected for Allied Churches Food Ministries.
  • Senior Lunch:  4th Tuesday during the Winter Months.

[swm_dotline_heading font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_bottom=”1″ section_id=”” ]Young Adults[/swm_dotline_heading]

Young Adults are vital to the growth of Brick Reformed’s mission. In our teenage  programs, we seeks to help students live out their Christian faith in a complex world, to build relationships with one another and with caring adults and to offer service to a world in need.  This group meets regularly for local outreach,  takes retreats to the mountains and the beach, and provides ministries at Cherokee.

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