March 24, 2021

Trust our God

Word for Wednesday... Trust our God

As the history of God’s chosen people is recorded in the Old Testament, the Hebrews were once enslaved by the Egyptians. A great famine in the Holy Land a great rescue by Joseph, Son of Israel, moved the clan of Abraham from Egypt. This is where God’s people flourished and called home for many years. For quite some time the Hebrew people were revered and honored in this new land because of the legacy that Joseph left in Egypt. Eventually things started to change. A new Pharaoh came to power and they were no longer honored, but made slaves. After generations of toiling in misery and danger for the Pharaohs of Egypt, God initiated a plan to free His people. 

An infant was placed by his family in the Nile River. This infant was quickly spotted and drawn out of the water by the Pharaoh’s daughter along with her servants. This infant was cared for and raised as an Egyptian Nobleman. We know this infant as Moses. Moses was the man that God chose to lead His people to freedom. This man would come to find out about his true heritage. He was a Hebrew. Just like those who were enslaved by the very family that took him in and raised him as their own. After thinking things over Moses demanded that Pharaoh release God’s people. Pharaoh would not budge. Pharaoh seen himself as the lord to the Hebrews. 

God sent ten disastrous plagues to sweep through the land. This was meant to demonstrate who the true Lord was. Pharaoh had no power over the true God. After this supernatural destruction, Pharaoh gave Moses permission to lead the Hebrews to freedom. As they fled, following Moses, the prideful Pharaoh became enraged and changed his mind. He sent a massive army after the Hebrews. God’s people would find themselves coming face to face with the most chaotic moment that any of them had ever experienced. They had fled as far as they could and the Egyptian chariots were at their back while a wide sea sat in front of them. No where to run or hide. They had arrived at the Red Sea. Many thought that this would be their final stop before they died. It seemed like the only options were their inevitable demise by drowning or battle. What followed is one of the most talked-about miracles ever recorded.

Exodus 12:21-23
Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord swept back a strong east wind all night and turned the sea into dry land, so the waters were divided. The sons of Israel went through the midst of the sea on the dry land, and the waters were like a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. 

When it all seemed utterly hopeless, the Lord made a way. Our lives are full of messy and hopeless situations. But when the Lord promises to free us and we begin walking with Him, we must trust that God is who He says He is. If we find ourselves in chains that bind us, just like the Hebrews who were enslaved, remember that God desires to free us. Walk with the Lord and watch and He turns the mess that we find entrenched in, into something incredible!

— Pastor Phil

Brick Church

Our congregation was founded in central North Carolina over 275 years ago by immigrants from Germany. Since then faithful people have been gathering here to worship and glorify God. Thanks for visiting our website, and we hope you’ll visit Brick Church this Sunday.
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